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CCHS Info Night

Covenant Christian High School will be holding an informational meeting on Monday night at 7:00PM at Covenant Presbyterian Church to introduce the staff and curriculum for the 2021-22 school year. We welcome new families to attend and consider completing an application. Map & directions are provided below.

Requirements to Meet During COVID-19

In order to ensure safety and to comply with local government, we’re asking everyone to observe the following guidelines. While we wish that none of these were necessary, and would rather not pass along so many restrictions, our intention is to honor the Lord in keeping good-faith citizenship, caring for the vulnerable, and “being subject to authorities…instituted by God” (Rom 13:1). We thank you for your patience and compliance.

  • The State of Washington requires all in attendance to wear masks. Our compliance with that requirement is also a way of caring for our vulnerable, showing love and respect to fellow worshipers, and obeying Paul’s command in Romans 13 to submit to governing authorities.

  • Bathroom access will be provided, but we encourage you to use facilities at home before coming. Please follow the signs and arrows on the floor to maintain one-direction pathways.

  • Prior to leaving your home for the meeting, please take a moment to self-screen by reading the list of symptoms from the CDC. If possible, please take your temperature to ensure it is below 100.4°F. If it is above or if you experience any of the symptoms, please remain home. Someone will be present to check you in and take/record your temperature upon arrival.

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